The CirCO final workshop has been held in Milan on 1 October 2021.
Here you can find the speakers presentetions. To have a look to the videos, go to our youtube channel.


1 – Menta
3 – Pappalardo
4 – Pirovano
5 – Monegato
6 – Pezzuto
7 – BernasconiI8 – Del Signore

Un modello di economia circolare in cosmetica. La valorizzazione del silverskin del caffè: da scarto ad ingrediente funzionale innovativo

C. Pirovano, F. Saligari, I. Faccini, P. Valsesia, S. Bettinelli, G. Depta, R. Nasti, L. Verotta, F. Zaccheria, N. Ravasio

MakeUp Technology 2020 (2)

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Intercos took part in the 25th IFSCC Conference, held in Milan from September 30th to October 2nd, presenting some scientific papers, including a work related to CirCO project entitled “From waste to valuable cosmetic raw material: the valorization of coffee silverskin following the approach of circular economy”.

The contribution was presented as a poster inside the session “Mother Earth (Gaia) – Beyond Sustainability”, which deals with sustainability in cosmetics (poster download).

The conferences and the congresses organized by IFSCC are the most important scientific events on the cosmetic sciences

Dr. Rita Nasti is with CirCO project at CIS 2019.
The presentation “Silverskin: from waste to a renewable source of bioactive compounds” will be held in the afternoon of August 29, in Salerno.

Here is possible to find the program of August 29 and the web-site of the conference:

29 August – Program

CIS 2019

We are proud to announce that ILSA is now Technical Partner of CirCo project.

The first results of CirCO project at Prima Giornata Nazionale della Bioeconomia, the May 23 2019 at Mantova.
Here you can download the presentation of Dr. Nicoletta Ravasio:

Nicoletta Ravasio – Presentazione

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